Mango Hao and Manao Ho have up to 50 medicinal properties.

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If we talk about fruits in our country that have medicinal properties, there are many types. But there is one type whose name is so catchy that it is called “Mamuanghao. Manao Ho” Many people who have heard of this name are still curious. In short, it’s a mango. Or is it a lemon? So why must we both yawn and shout? But in reality, this fruit is neither a mango nor a lemon as imagined. The origin of the name was coined by an agricultural extension scholar. He further said that the name was chosen to match the name of the fruit in the literary story Nang Sib Song episode Phra Charm Meri One part of the story talks about fresh fruits that have a very sour taste. To the extent that it makes people who are sleepy feel rejuvenated and wake up instantly.

Mango Hao Manao Ho is considered a popular fruit that has been watched over the past 2 – 3 years. Its full name is “Mango Mai Ho”. W Manao doesn’t know how to boo” which if called briefly It’s more likely to go into your mouth. This fruit has caught the attention of those who love it. Health very much Because in the medical field research has been found to have as many as 50 medicinal properties, which will be used to treat disease. Or take it in conjunction with modern medicine to get better results.

Important features of “Mango yawns. Lemon Ho”

It appears to be a matter of Prevents cancer Because inside this fruit is high in antioxidants. Helps nourish blood Delay premature aging Prevent heart disease Expands blood vessels, treats the lungs, and can help alleviate symptoms of emphysema. For this reason, it is no wonder why fruits with unusual names are so popular. To the point where you have to search and buy some to eat. As well as finding them to plant as ornamental plants within the house.

From those who like herbs to give us additional knowledge, “Mango ya

Mango Hao and Manao Ho have up to 50 medicinal properties.

wn. Manao Ho” Can be used from every part of the trunk. Moreover, few people know that Mamuang Hao and Manao Ho are actually different trees. Or is it a different type of plant? Different species, ‘Mamuang Hao’ is a cashew nut and ‘Manao Ho’ is a red thorn. Both of these plants have many properties and help nourish the body equally well. To increase clarity to another level We also have information from Botanical Garden Organization Let’s explain and expand on the differences between these two types of plants.

Mango yawns

Mamuanghao” Or the real name is “Cashew Nuts” It is a medium sized tree that can reach 10 meters in height with dark green leaves. Flowers bloom in loose clusters, reddish-purple or cream colored, with a faint aroma. Each flower has 5 petals. As the flower matures, the flower base will enlarge, resembling a rose apple, about 6 – 7 meters long, with a yellowish-pink color. If it is mature, it will have a fragrant aroma. There will be one seed attached to the tip that is grey-brown. It has a hard shell called ‘cashew nut’. 

Medicinal properties of mango yawn

  • Effect : Helps to kill bacteria. Cure scurvy, poultice to extinguish toxins, and also help as a diuretic.
  • Seeds : Helps relieve numbness of the skin in leprosy, corns, skin diseases, ringworm, tumors, nourishes bones, nourishes joints, nourishes tendons, nourishes the skin, until it helps in nourishing. power
  • Bark : Helps in expelling lymph fluid, curing dysentery, curing venereal disease, curing diarrhea, curing toothache, purifying and extinguishing toxins. The seeds can also be made into lozenges to treat internal ulcers. mouth as well
  • Young shoots : Used to treat hemorrhoids
  • Rubber : Used to cure bleeding gums. Helps destroy corns By using the rubber to help bite and destroy the inside flesh that is a large button. Treat tumor wounds, warts, ringworm, elephantiasis.
  • Oil : Used as an antiseptic, as an anesthetic, used to treat leprosy, wart bites, corns, and decayed wounds

50 medicinal properties of mango yawn

  1. Contains antioxidants Helps in slowing down aging and reducing wrinkles (results)
  2. Helps strengthen the body (core)
  3. Relieves fatigue and fatigue (wood)
  4. Adds rejuvenation to the body (result)
  5. Promotes appetite (roots)
  6. Helps to reduce weight (results)
  7. Helps expand blood vessels and prevent heart disease (results)

Helps prevent cancer (results)

  1. takes part in treating disease Diabetes due to iron (effect)
  2. Helps in treating anemia (results)
  3. Helps treat lung disease (results)
  4. Helps treat emphysema caused by smoking (results)
  5. Helps treat kidney disease (results)
  6. Relieve liver disease symptoms such as cirrhosis (results)
  7. Helps treat gout (results)
  8. Helps treat and relieve symptoms of thyroid disease (results)
  9. Helps prevent death from bleeding (result)
  10. In Bangladesh, the leaves are commonly used to treat epilepsy (leaves).
  11. Helps relieve symptoms of paralysis, paralysis, numbness in the hands and feet (results)
  12. Helps maintain strength (wood)
  13. Helps nourish the elements (roots, pith, wood)
  14. Helps nourish body fat (heart, wood)
  15. Treats fever including malaria (root, leaves)
  16. Helps extinguish hot poison (roots)
  17. Helps relieve symptoms of allergies (effect)
  18. Helps cure and relieve cough (results)
  19. Helps expel phlegm (results)
  20. Helps in relieving headaches and migraines (effect)
  21. Relieves sore throat and mouth pain (leaves)
  22. Earache relief (leaves)
  23. Helps treat scurvy. or scurvy It also helps heal wounds that occur in the mouth (results).
  24. Helps nourish the stomach (root)
  25. Cure diarrhea (leaves)
  26. Helps treat dysentery (leaves)
  27. Diuretic (effect)
  28. Helps treat hemorrhoids (young shoots).
  29. Helps expel parasites (roots)Helps treat elephantiasis (latex)
  30. Helps to disinfect (effect)
  31. Helps in healing wounds (fruit, rubber)
  32. Used to treat chronic skin diseases (bark)
  33. Helps relieve itching (roots)
  34. In India, the roots are commonly used to treat diabetic wounds (roots).
  35. Cure ringworm (seeds, latex)
  36. Treats numbness of the skin in leprosy (seeds)
  37. Helps heal tumor wounds (latex)
  38. Helps treat warts (latex)
  39. Helps destroy corns and helps bite and destroy the inner tissue that is the growth (latex).
  40. Use as a poultice to extinguish poison (effect).
  41. Helps relieve joint pain (results)

Manao Boo

“Manao Ho” Or the real name is “Red Thorn It’s a shrub waiting to climb. Or it can be called a small tree. It has a height of only 5 meters, has white sap, has single leaves and flowers in long bouquets. It has white or pink petals and oval-shaped fruits that are red, pink, or black.

Medicinal properties of lemon ho

Results : Helps to treat bleeding gums

Leaf : Helps relieve sore throat, mouth pain, diarrhea, eardrum pain. You can even cure a fever.

Key : Helps nourish the elements. Nourish body fat Make your body healthy.

Wood : Helps nourish the elements. Relieve fatigue, maintain energy, and also help nourish body fat.

Roots: Used to relieve itching, nourish the elements, help expel parasites, stimulate appetite, extinguish toxic heat, and nourish the stomach. It can also be used to treat fever.

If looking back, the “Mango yawns. Manao Ho” became widely known. Especially those who love their health. Probably means the result of “Manao Ho or the result of “red thorns” is more wasted. Because it is widely planted in every area. From the inquiry, it was found that Manao Ho is a plant that is easy to take care of. Can be used in every part In addition, each stage of fruit production will produce different colors. Some houses also plant it as an ornamental plant. As for the fruit to be eaten, it must be black. It will give a sour, sweet taste. Eat and feel refreshed. be healthy It also has many benefits.