How to check the true age of the body Are we younger or older than our actual age?

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Have you ever wondered whether Why do people of the same age and the same gender look different in age? That’s because some people have a physical age or Body Age that takes their actual age far away.

Checking the actual age of the body along with learning the behaviors that cause premature aging It will help you know how different your physical age is from your real age. It is one of the indicators. Health Preliminary As a guideline for planning your own health care Reclaim the body‘s age so that it can function at its full potential.

But before starting to check the true age of the body Let’s first understand about physical age and the importance of everyday behaviors that affect physical age.

How to check the true age of the body Are we younger or older than our actual age?

Body age (Body Age) 

Each person has two types of age: real age, which is calculated according to the date of birth, and body age, which is the age of health that comes from lifestyle habits. It is a number that indicates the health or working condition of the body and how much the cells in the working system have deteriorated.

Healthy people tend to have a physical age that is less than or equal to their actual age. It shows that the body is able to burn energy and function of various systems. The body is efficient and strong for its age or younger than its age. But if the physical age is greater than the actual age It indicates that your body is deteriorating prematurely. This may lead to a risk of disease in the ufabet future.

Why should you check your body’s age?

Checking the body’s age It is a preliminary assessment of the body’s functioning. This will be helpful in changing behavior and lifestyle. To reduce the chance of developing various diseases. that may follow from inappropriate lifestyle behaviors

Why is our body age greater than our actual age?

The main reason why the body’s age is greater than the actual age It is caused by daily life that affects health, such as eating too much spicy, sweet, fatty, salty food, being overweight or abdominally obese. Lack of regular exercise

Combined with accelerated aging behaviors such as smoking, drinking, being stressed, and staying up late, all cause the deterioration of cells in the body. Until the body’s age is older than the actual age If you don’t hurry and turn your attention to your health seriously. There may be a risk of developing NCDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc.

An easy way to check your body’s true age.

Checking the age of the body It is a measurement to evaluate basic bodily functions. before calculating the actual age of the body and compare with how much older or younger the actual age is. You can check your body’s age in two ways:

  1. Check age with tool The Body Composition Analyzer is an analysis of body composition. And check your body age by calculating body fat percentage and muscle mass.
  2. Check your age from a health questionnaire through Online test which can easily see your body’s age. Through answering just 7 questions to collect basic health information such as dietary habits. Exercise and mood, including body weight used to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index: BMI), etc. These data will be evaluated to calculate the body’s age.

Although the actual age increases every year. But everyone can take care of their body to make it stronger and stronger and not increase according to their actual age. By choosing to eat foods that are beneficial Exercise regularly and have a good mood that suits your own lifestyle by gradually changing behavior. To increase efficiency for the body to work fully Have sustainable health. Whether you like to eat Work or study line and the line of butlers and housewives