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Asmir Begovic

Begovic slams Chelsea’s signing of players + slams Caicedo as ‘wrong signing’

Asmir Begovic, former Chelsea goalkeeper has criticized his former club’s transfer tactics and believes they made a mistake in signing Moises Caicedo.  Former Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic has slammed his former club’s transfer tactics. It is even claimed the Blues made a mistake in signing Moises Caicedo, with the west Londoners having


Murphy picks perfect candidate to replace Klopp at Anfield

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has chosen the perfect successor to Jurgen Klopp as manager after the Reds manager was linked with a move to Germany.   Danny Murphy has confessed he is not worried about Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool , having outlined who he believes will be the ‘perfect’ replacement

ลิโอเนล เมสซี่

Ecuadorian footballer gets criticized after exchanging shirts with Messi

An Ecuador player has been heavily criticized by fans after exchanging shirts with Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi. During the World Cup qualifying game last Friday. The Ecuador  international has responded to harsh criticism he received for exchanging shirts with Lionel Messi . The legendary Argentinian striker scored the only goal

What is good and bad of Baccarat dAlembert formula?

What is good and bad of Baccarat dAlembert formula?

No matter which baccarat money walk formula, it will have a period that works well. And when it’s working badly, dAlembert is the same. which events will allow us to sweep money from online casino When using this formula is when we win in a row, a few rounds, or almost

How is dAlembert used of  baccarat formula?

How is dAlembert used of  baccarat formula?

How to use the Delongbe formula of  baccarat formula is not as difficult as you think. Let me give two examples of situations to make it easier to understand: Event 1: When playing and losing consecutively If you encounter this situation, bet 1 additional investment unit

Baccarat formula dAlembert (Delongbae) that emphasizes balance.

Baccarat formula dAlembert (Delongbae) that emphasizes balance.

Baccarat dAlembert (Delembert) formula that emphasizes balance. Talking about the Martingale baccarat formula, we will not talk about the dAlembert baccarat formula (French read as Delongbe). Because these two formulas would be called brother and sister formulas, it wouldn’t be wrong. Because they are very similar, especially when it comes to increasing