Begovic slams Chelsea’s signing of players + slams Caicedo as ‘wrong signing’

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Asmir Begovic, former Chelsea goalkeeper has criticized his former club’s transfer tactics and believes they made a mistake in signing Moises Caicedo.

 Former Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic has slammed his former club’s transfer tactics. It is even claimed the Blues made a mistake in signing Moises Caicedo, with the west Londoners having spent more than £1billion since new owners Todd Bohly and Cleary . Lake Capital took over about a year ago. But they also finished 12th in the Premier League last season, a position they currently occupy this season. After winning one of their first four games

           Begovic feels the club’s new approach to recruiting players This almost certainly targets players under the age of 23 who can progress, which is in stark contrast to Roman Abramovich’s history of winning trophies. A “mid-table team” he is hardly recognisable, and believes the decision to sign Caicedo rather than compete with Arsenal for Declan Rice sums up their decline.

In an interview with The Byline podcast, Begovic said: “If you spend £115 million on Caicedo, you can certainly spend £120 million on Declan Rice. ” Didn’t know Declan personally. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal but, to be honest, I think he would like to go to Chelsea.’ “You look at these players and think ‘Can Declan Rice go anywhere else? ‘ ‘ Players like this would have gone to Chelsea in the past. Players are in their prime and Declan Rice is in his prime.”

 He continued: “I watch football like a crazy person. And I’m not familiar with half of these players!” “For me it’s strange. Everything is so strange I don’t see how to build a team. For me, this transition process of building a completely new team is a bit of an excuse. ” I’m not saying I don’t like Enzo Fernandez, but if we’re going to spend £230 million on him and Kai, Sedo I also want Declan. Rice more than any of those players if I could choose. Please bring in the best players.”

           He continued, “Honestly, I mean in the last 12 months… What happened at Chelsea Football Club? It’s unbelievable.” “I mean the players in Mauricio Pochettino ‘s team , the amount of money spent is 12th in the league, in the middle of the table! It’s really the middle of the table. If they were higher it would have done wonders. “You were a little unlucky with Christopher Nkunku, I understand, he’s a top player, Cole Palmer just came in but was born. What’s going on with recruiting these players? Why did Chelsea Football Club create a new team?”

           “Why is Chelsea Football Club in a period of transition? This is one of the best. I mean I’ve been there. I’m proud to be there. It’s one of the best places to play football in the ยูฟ่าเบท world.” He added: “I remember being with the players in the dressing room, world-class, world-class, world-class players. Buying from Barcelona, ​​buying from Real Madrid, buying from Bayern Munich, it’s like we’re buying a player with potential from Brighton. And I know that’s what you want. But where are the top world-class players?”