True or not? Shiitake mushroom soaking water Do not use it for cooking?

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I’m not sure if anyone at home makes it like ours or not. But every time I pick up dried shiitake mushrooms to cook, It will be soaked in clean water until soft. Take soft shiitake mushrooms. Let’s cut into pieces. and before boiling the soup or boil instant noodles At home, we usually use water to soak light brown shiitake mushrooms. Come boil in the pot as well. Because I want curry Or the soup has more of a shiitake mushroom flavor. Mushroom soup will be even more fragrant and delicious.

But the truth may not be like that.

True or not? Shiitake mushroom soaking water Do not use it for cooking?

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms: Hazardous?

Dried shiitake mushrooms that we often buy to eat. There is a high possibility of going through various processes. That makes the shiitake mushrooms dry for a longer time. By impregnating it with various substances such as hydrochloric acid and sulfur, which may come from the fertilizer used to grow mushrooms in another way. Finally, the dried shiitake mushrooms that we eat. There may be residues such as carbon disulfide that are substances used in the rayon fiber production industry. Chelophane plastic sheet Rubber products But in the industrial sector, it may be illegally used to get rid of insects. Dried shiitake mushrooms may contain such substances. It’s easy to notice. From being stored for a long time Without disturbing insects

Danger of Carbon disulfide

If we receive carbon disulfide Parts that come into contact with this material may be irritated. May interfere with the functioning of the nervous system, such as causing the nerves to become overly alert, intoxicated, and restless. But if it is an accumulation of toxins little by little over a long period of time. May be chronic poisoning, chest pain, muscle pain, blurred vision, memory loss, and if the amount of such substances is taken more and more It can affect your life as well.

Shiitake soaking water should be discarded.

In order to reduce residue from shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushroom soaking water should not be used for cooking. In addition, choosing to eat shiitake mushrooms from reliable production sources. Or avoid eating fresh shiitake mushrooms. Instead of dried shiitake mushrooms It’s a good สมัคร ufabet choice. and safe for Health also