Mango are delicious and useful both ripe and raw.

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One of the fruits that both ripe Thai people like. and foreigners plus the price is not expensive And it’s super easy to buy, inevitably “mango” that can be delicious both raw and cooked, plus each species has a different taste.

Mangoes are delicious and useful both ripe and raw.

benefits of raw mango

Raw mangoes are both sweet and oily. and avant-garde For this reason, the mango is full of vitamin C. contains antioxidants Helps skin shine brightly. Help prevent colds. scurvy and relieve heat in thirst

Benefits of Ripe Mango

Ripe mangoes are yellow in color, so they are full of vitamin A. and beta-carotene that nourishes the eyes Prevent blurred vision, can’t see clearly at night. and also has a laxative effect There is dietary fiber that helps in excretion as well.

Precautions when eating mangoes

Many people may have bloating problems. Heaviness when eating too much raw mango Therefore, you should eat half a large ball or 1 small ball after a meal. should not eat too much because it can cause flatulence feeling uncomfortable like indigestible food

for ripe mango It is a fruit that is high in sugar as well, patients with diabetes should avoid. because it is a fruit with high energy The more you eat as a mango sticky rice menu, the bigger it gets. For normal people who do not have any underlying disease ¾ ripe mango can be eaten after a ทางเข้า ufabet meal.