Breast lumps “without surgery” can be cured.

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Taking care of your health by examining your own body is very important for us to know if our body has any hidden diseases or not. If an abnormality is detected, it will be properly treated. Just like the breasts, every woman should perform a breast self-exam at least once a month. To be able to detect breast abnormalities in a timely manner. because there may be a lump in your breast

Breast lumps "without surgery" can be cured.

What is a breast tumor ?

There are both good and malignant breast tumors. In this article, only good tumors are discussed. The most common good type of breast tumor is Fibroadenoma, found in about 10% of women and usually occurs between the ages of 20-40 years. The lump is usually round or oval in shape. can feel and roll May hurt before menstruation And can be diagnosed with ultrasound and breast mammogram together with a needle biopsy to be examined.

How to treat a good lump ?

If a biopsy is found to be a fibroadenoma, the treatment will depend on the symptoms and the size of the tumor. If the lump is smaller than 2-3 centimeters and does not hurt Can wait to follow the ultrasound and observe the symptoms first. *If the lump is large or painful, it needs to be removed.

Previously, surgical removal was done. But surgery may not be the answer for everyone. due to the risk of having scars, deformed breasts, and painful surgical wounds Therefore, nowadays, there is an alternative that may answer more questions, namely Cryoablation or hijacking.

Breast tumors can be treated without surgery. or what is cold hijacking ?

Cryoablation is a treatment by freezing the needle with liquid nitrogen at temperatures below 170 degrees Celsius, which will cause the tumor to shrink and eventually be destroyed. Without the need for surgery or general anesthesia, just injecting anesthesia is enough. A small incision about 3 millimeters takes about 20-30 minutes per piece. Once done, you can go home immediately.

Advantages of treating breast tumors with cryotherapy

  • Do not need anesthesia And without the risk of complications from general anesthesia
  • The wound is as small as 3 mm.
  • Breast deformity and less scarring than surgery
  • less pain than surgery
  • Fast recovery, able to go home immediately after the procedure
  • The treatment efficiency is more than 90%.

Who can receive cryotherapy?

  • People with Fibroadenoma nodules less than 4 cm in size and can be seen by ultrasound.
  • Patients with Fibroadenoma pain
  • People who want to treat lumps but are worried about scars and complications
  • Able to cooperate in the operation as well

Although there is currently no clear way to prevent this type of tumor as it is a natural condition of the female breast. But if it is, there is still a treatment that is almost as effective as surgery. But there is no need to risk complications from surgery anymore.

Article by  : Dr. Treethip Kerdsinchai, a specialist in breast and breast enhancement

WMC Breast Conservation Center, World Medical Hospital