Szczesny bet €100 on Messi during Poland defeat to Argentina 

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Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny said: He made a €100 bet on Argentina international Lionel Messi during last night’s World Cup group stage game.

  No one will be able to challenge Wojciech Szczesny if he is angry after Poland lost in the World Cup at the hands of Argentina last night. Poland played a part in leading the Eastern European nation to the knockout stages. Although the team lost 2-0 in Qatar, while Alexis McAllister of Brighton and Julian Alvarez, the striker of Manchester United City have all scored against South American teams.

Szczesny bet €100 on Messi during Poland defeat to Argentina 

          The 32-year-old Juventus goalkeeper denied Argentina superstar Lionel Messi’s penalty kick. In this game, the Blue and White Army received a penalty in the 34th minute after VAR pointed out that Szczesny had fouled Messi. In the moment when the Polish goalkeeper jumped to flick the UFABET ball. But his hand smashed into the face of Messi had already headed over the crossbar. And the Zebra goalkeeper didn’t even think it was a foul.

          Poland’s penalty hero reveals he is very confident No fouls were committed and he bet ‘€100’ on Messi while VAR reviewed the situation on Stadium 974. Unfortunately, Szczesny would have lost money after referee Dan . Nee Mugglei pointed to the penalty spot after reviewing the incident on the sideline monitor.

   In an interview with Norwegian television station TV 2 Sport , the former Arsenal goalkeeper revealed the details of his bet on Messi. before admitting he could now be ‘banned’ by FIFA for violating betting rules. “No, I don’t [consider it a penalty],” Szczesny said. And I told him I’d bet him 100 euros that he wouldn’t get (penalty)” “So I lost the bet on Messi. I don’t know if that’s allowed in the World Cup. I might be banned for it. But now I don’t care.”

           Hopefully this doesn’t happen for Poland as Szczesny is in amazing form. And he was the difference for Poland , who were in poor form but managed to qualify for the next round. Szczesny revealed he had a bit of luck saving Messi’s shot. “I was lucky twice in this tournament. It was a great moment in his career as a footballer. The World Cup is the peak and this is something special,” he told RAI Sport . But in saving Messi’s penalty You must have some luck too.”