Shared clip of Ronaldo and Higuain after claiming Bruno’s goal

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Video revealing Cristiano Ronaldo-Gonzalo Higuain moment goes viral After five Ballon d’Or superstars Portugal tried to claim Bruno Fernandes’ goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for the way Portugal handled the opening goalagainst Uruguay. When everyone initially thought the ex- Manchester United striker had turned the squad up. Take the lead first in the match at the Lucille Iconic Stadium. Because the person runs to celebrate the goal that looks like he is the one who flicks the head of Bruno Fernandes’ cross. Despite the fact that the goal actually belonged to Fernandes. Even adidas revealed that sensors inside the ball were used to confirm Ronaldo was not actually touching the UFABET ball.

Shared clip of Ronaldo and Higuain after claiming Bruno's goal

   And the reaction of Ronaldo’s disappointment, not named as the scorer, made some fans angry. There is an argument that football is a team sport and Ronaldo shouldn’t care whether he or Fernandes should be credited with scoring goals. Because by any means It’s the door of Portugal. But the opposite point. If Ronaldo is sure he touches the ball Why isn’t he recognized as a goalscorer. This issue may be debated endlessly. But one fan took a different approach when analyzing Ronaldo’s drama this time around.

         That’s because Twitter user @NoloFCB uses Lionel Messi as their profile picture. Twitter has gone viral for posting a video they claim shows Ronaldo having a history of wanting to be a goalscorer himself. Sharing a clip of Real Madrid ‘s 5-1 La Liga win over Osasuna in April 2012. The supporter wrote rather provocatively in the caption : Do trying to steal a teammate’s goal is nothing new. He has tried before.”

  to be fair to the tweeter Here’s a less than ideal example of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner blocking Gonzalo Higuain ‘s almost certain goal, with Higuain running past the goalkeeper . Naldo ran towards his teammates in an inexplicable way to the point where he looked like he was blocking his teammates himself. It ultimately ruined his chances of scoring. It was one of those moments that only had to be seen to be believed to be true. 

         Fans who have seen this clip have come out to criticize each other in the same way that “If it’s vice versa He probably wouldn’t speak to Higuain again. ‘ , ‘Is this true? WTF”, “I watched this clip over and over again. But I still don’t understand what’s in his mind? So confused”, “I can’t protect my GOAT (Best Player of All Time) in this clip”, “This is crazy”, “What is he trying to do”, “He enjoys Stealing goals from his teammates.”