Revealing the reason why Messi is dissatisfied with Lewan and refuses to shake hands during games

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Revealing why Lionel Messi won the 7th Ballon d’Or in Argentina Dissatisfied with Robert Lewandowski, Polish national team striker. during the UFABET World Cup group stage game last night

Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi shared an awkward moment on the pitch during Argentina ‘s 2-0 victory over Poland at the World Cup last night. Wednesday. But finally, both players were able to celebrate the victory of the White Army when both teams qualified as group champions. As Poland progressed as group runners-up, however, there were some uncomfortable moments between Barcelona legends past and present.

Revealing the reason why Messi is dissatisfied with Lewan and refuses to shake hands during games

Messi was very focused in the game ignored Lewandowski’s attempt to shake the PSG player’s hand. After the Polish No.9 fouled him. While the European teams are two goals behind. Which at that point If another goal is lost. They will be eliminated in this tournament, causing Lewandowski to try to foul Messi twice and it was the second time that the referee whistled.

  Messi played a quick free-kick, and Lewandowski attempted to shake hands with the two-time 7-time Ballon d’Or winner. Before saying something that looked like an apology for the foul . Messi refuses to accept the apology. He looked annoyed that Lewandowski had fouled him. Replays show Messi rejecting Lewandowski’s attempts to ease tensions between the pair with a high-five. Which can be understood why Messi doesn’t need a high five.

   However, as the teams were on the pitch at the end of the game and celebrated their teams’ progress to the last 16. The two captains were seen briefly chatting on the pitch . It is hardly surprising to see Lewandowski and Messi sharing good moments. Together at the end of the whistle The duo didn’t just qualify for the knockout stages together. But the two are also connected in regards to Barcelona. It’s nice to see that these two superstars have a lot of respect for each other. 

 After the game, Messi revealed he was ‘angry’ after missing a penalty in the game. But praised his Argentina team-mates for their reaction to qualify for the World Cup last 16. “I was angry that I missed the penalty. But the team is stronger after my mistake ′′ ′′ We know when the first goal happens. It will be a game changer,” Messi said, and he continued: “We have to be calm and take it game by game. Now the new World Cup has begun. “The last game [against Mexico] made us very comfortable and we went on the pitch [today] thinking we had to win.”

Argentina will now face Australia in the Round of 16 and will face either the Netherlands or the United States if they progress to the quarter-finals. Australia reached the knockout stages with a victory over Denmark. With Messi revealing that he did not underestimate the Socceroos army. The match against Australia will be very difficult,” he said. “Anyone can beat anyone. Everything is very equal We have to be ready for this game like we always do.”