How is dAlembert used of  baccarat formula?

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How to use the Delongbe formula of  baccarat formula is not as difficult as you think. Let me give two examples of situations to make it easier to understand:

How is dAlembert used of  baccarat formula?

Event 1: When playing and losing consecutively

If you encounter this situation, bet 1 additional investment unit per eye (1 unit can be as many baht as you like).

  • Round 1 bet 1 unit and lose
  • 2nd round, bet 2 units and lose again
  • 3rd round, bet 3 units and lose again
  • 4th round, bet 4 units and still not win
  • Round 5 bet 5 units (keep doing this until you win

Event 2: When playing and losing, winning and losing

In this event, when losing, we will add 1 investment unit at a time as before. At the same time, if we win, we will reduce the investment unit by 1 unit per eye as an example.

  • 1st round, bet 1 unit, the result is lost.
  • 2nd round, bet 2 units, still lose as before
  • Round 3 bet 3 units, this round wins, next round we will reduce the bet.
  • 4th round, bet 2 units, come back to lose again, next round, increase the bet.
  • Round 5 bet 3 units win
  • 6th round, bet 2 units, win in a row again
  • 7th round, bet 1 unit and win again

The form of placing bets is like this. That is, the minimum will be at 1 unit. Summary of the picture diagram will be approximately like this UFABET.