Enrique was not careless ordered Bull to gore Samurai to win the group championship

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Spain national team boss Luis Enrique Don’t take the risk by just playing for a draw because you might lose. Aiming to beat Japan in the final first round on Thursday to win. Group E and qualify for the round of 16 teams at the 2022 World Cup

Spain manager Luis Enrique admits their situation is not 100 per cent, although at least a draw is needed. But as a precaution, you must beat Japan in the final round of the UFABET group stage on Thursday. To win a ticket to the last 16 teams of the 2022 World Cup as Group E champions.

Enrique was not careless ordered Bull to gore Samurai to win the group championship

The situation at this time, Fierce Bull , leads the crowd with 4 points, followed by Samurai in second place with 3 points, equal to Costa Rica in third place, but the goal is better, while Germany ranks fourth . only one score Which collecting just 1 more point will make the Spanish footballer qualify, but playing for a draw May be shot at the end of the game, so the 52-year-old trainer is not at risk by coming out and aiming to win.

“Don’t overlook Costa Rica , they can beat Germany , four nations can still qualify. And that is very indicative. We came here to win seven games. We want to be the winners of this group. Some players may end up not playing at all. We all know how to work. we want good results We have spoken to the players about this,” said Enrique.

Meanwhile, Spain could benefit from finishing second and avoiding a clash with Brazil in the quarter-finals. But their coach disagreed, saying we had considered the matter. But from a professional point of view. When you are sure that your team is a very good team. We don’t want to be second. we want to finish first That means playing with anyone in the next round.

The Rising Sun coach , Hajime Moriyasu, said he wanted the players to play their best. so that they can add value in the eyes of the Japanese people, and I hope that we can give them hope. Looking at our games and playing in this match We will have to try to win in order to qualify.